Ozone has been scientifically proven to have numerous health benefits, including increasing blood-oxygen levels, with almost no side effects. Ozone therapies have been used in many countries, particularly Germany, USA, and Russia, where it is used in public hospitals.

We have a variety of simple ozone treatment plans, and home-use products, to help benefit your general health.

Ozone is a special form of oxygen which scavenges free radicals in your body and is harmful to pathogenic organisms such as viruses, parasites, unhealthy bacteria, fungi, moulds, etc.

Healthy cells thrive on oxygen, and ozone supplies oxygen to healthy cells whilst harming unhealthy cells.

Very pleased with the results from the Ozone and HOCATT™, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested. My condition very much improved and my inflammation has gone.

Why Ozone?

Terenzo Bozzone, 5X World Triathlon Champion, explains how Ozone Therapy has helped him.

Why is Ozone (O3) so Important?

The human body runs off oxygen. In fact, a full 90% of the energy you produce is created through aerobic metabolism. If you are not getting enough oxygen, your body cannot produce enough energy.

Quite simply, the body cannot heal, or function, properly without adequate oxygen. This is why professional athletes use ozone therapy or hyperbaric chambers to speed healing times up to 3-4x faster after receiving an injury.

Ozone therapy and HOCATT™ allows you to bring that same healing ability helping to introduce a variety of unique health benefits.

Hocatt – full of energy 3 months on
Calm and welcoming experience. You feel relaxed as soon as you walk in the clinic. The clinic is committed to people realising their full health again. I feel more healthy and full of energy 3 months on.


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HOCATT™ Ozone Spa

After four years experience with the HOCATT™ with thousands of sessions, we find this one of the most practical and easily-accessible natural health systems. In 30 minutes, you can destress, gently detox, stimulate your adrenal system, rejuvenate your skin, stimulate every cell in your body, and generally come out feeling refreshed and revitalised.

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We have a range of ozone and ozonator products to purify air and water, ozone gels for healthy skin, HOCATT™ Ozone Steam Saunas for home, office, beauty spa or clinical use and Ozone Generators for Insufflation.

The Amazing Combo Machine [HOCATT™ ]
Dear John, that new combo machine is amazing, genius to combine systems as they do. Feeling 100% better, after one session from -10 to 0, now working on getting back from 0 to 10. After 2 sessions really getting back on my feet after years of health issues.
– N.S.

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Global Health Ozone Clinic is set in the heart of Takapuna in Auckland, just off the Northern Motorway. You will be warmly welcomed and looked after by our professional staff, who will make you comfortable and ensure you gain the most benefit from your HOCATT and ozone sessions. In fact, we are sure you will enjoy your sessions so much, it will feel almost like having a HOCATT at home!

Feel free to have a preliminary visit to see how our HOCATT sessions work.

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